A Blazing Comedy Physics Puzzler with Swag!
Starring Smokey the Dr

Smokey is the coolest, most famous dragon around. The cover-star of magazines, everyone loves the  charismatic, fire-breathing creature.

He has style, talent & swag. A true Super Star! 

That is, until his career was sabotaged by tabloids exposing his one secret.... 

Smokey has NO teeth! 

Embarrassed and full of shame, Smokey realizes there is only one way to remain a Super Star and he needs your help. 

Join Smokey on the smashiest, crashiest, explosive quest in getting Smokey that Super Star smile.

  • 80 hilarious and action packed physics puzzles. 
  • Real-time game center multiplayer levels to battle head to head with player-haters...and friends. 
  • Intuitive and spot-on controls. 
  • Eight hats that provide protection, super powers, and swag! 
  • Challenging weather conditions to further test your skills.
  • Three unique stages set the scene for new and exciting obstacles. 
  • Original musical score blends hip hop with classical influences that will have you moving in your seat!

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