The Team

Who We Are

Fifth Wonder Publishing was founded in Atlanta, GA by husband and wife team Zawdie Little and Angelique Monet Little in 2011. At Fifth Wonder Publishing what you see, hear, and read matters to us.  We create timeless games and stories that entertain and spark a positive change.

We are excited to celebrate our 5th year touring to inspire the big and little worriers in the world to be brave with The Bravest Worrier's 'A Day to be Brave' event.  We have enjoyed partnering with state and district organizations, schools, hospitals, and mental health professionals to support the youth in our communities helping them to overcome their worries and anxieties.  If you are interested in partnering with us for an event please contact us here: 

Coming Up:

Our next picture book and game are currently underway.   

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Angelique Monet Little


Angelique has been a writer for most of her life. She discovered her artistic abilities by accident. She is is the author and illustrator of The Bravest Worrier picture book.  It is important for Angelique to be able to create and express her works of art freely.  She takes great responsibility for her gifts and how they will impact the world.  Being Co-Founder at Fifth Wonder Publishing has given her that freedom and she looks forward to her future works.  

Zawdie Little


Zawdie has an astounding creative and technical ability.  He enjoys the creativity of vintage cartoons and the ability they have to make people laugh.  Being the Co-Founder at Fifth Wonder Publishing allows him to create new ways of enhancing stories using technology.

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