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We imagine a world full of whimsy and magic, where every heart is open, every mind is imaginative, every hand is creative, and most importantly, where everyone is welcome and no one feels alone. 


At Fifth Wonder Publishing, we are a creative team of big dreamers who are on a lifelong journey of helping every soul navigate a complex world and define their own beautiful future by weaving in the power of stories, art, and technology. Coming from a personal place, we use the creative process as a vehicle for healing, communication, self-expression, and personal development. Our team, based in Atlanta, Georgia, creates thoughtful and beautiful books, games, curriculum, and events to uplift children and adults around the world. Our work nurtures voices, hearts, and minds, giving everyone a safe place to imagine and believe in the boundless potential of their own lives.


Essential to the success of our core mission and values are the community programs, leaders, and educators we partner with in service of positive social change, especially for those in underserved communities.

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