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Our flagship tour, A Day to be Brave, is a virtual and interactive social-emotional event based on the empowering children’s book, The Bravest Worrier. With captivating story-telling, hands-on activities, this event revolutionizes the way children face their school days, manage their emotions, make and maintain relationships, show support for others, and make accountable decisions. Children connect emotionally to the book’s main character, struggle, and triumph, learning strategies to effectively cope with those feelings in their everyday lives. 


Audiences can expect a magical presentation promoting literacy, bravery, self-advocacy, and the inspiration to Dream BIG!


*Customized curriculum created specifically to enhance further learning and discussion through play and positive reinforcement is available with every tour. All materials align with CASEL’s social-emotional competencies. 

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To learn more about A Day to be Brave Tour Contact us below.

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